About Us

Clan Walters at Rhubodach circa 1963 – me on the right

Joan & I and the children moved back to my roots on Bute from Brighton in 1998. As a child I had spent my first 11 years calling Bute home occasionally (for much of those same 11 years we lived in Kuwait where my father was working). I had what was a pretty idyllic Bute childhood that seemed revolve around pushing pennies into slot machines (and we’re talking lots of pennies), adventures in Skippers Wood, guddling about in the rock pools and fishing off the rocks at Ascog. Aged about 10, I cycled most of the way around the island with our black labrador, Tunku.  No, the dog didn’t cycle but he did follow behind faithfully for 15 miles. Funnily enough he didn’t seem to want to go for another walk for some time!
Born in Edinburgh, Joan was brought up in Guyana & Jamaica and so the island life suits her as well – though perhaps not the winter temperature! The kids have adapted well, as have their accents.
As for the calling our business Munro’s, it has nothing to do with Scottish mountains although that can help people remember our name.  James Munro, my grandfather, was Rector of Rothesay Academy, hence Munro’s B & B.

I divide my time between cooking breakfasts, washing up, blethering on about the island and being a photographer / web designer. Joan is front of house and housekeeping. It seems to work for us and we enjoy hosting guests in this wonderful house on this beautiful island .